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Our Ministries

Welcome to Canaan Ministries.  There is a ministry for everyone. Please feel free to peruse the various ministries to determine where you'd like to get involved.  Everyone is welcomed. 


Culinary/Kitchen Ministry

The Culinary/Kitchen Ministry of Canaan serves the members of God's church family through the ministry of nourishing the body with nutritious foods coupled with the ministry of warmth, kindness, helpfulness and love.

Diaconate Ministry

The Diaconate Ministry at Canaan exists to illuminate the presence and power of God through praise and through works glorifying him. We present salvation to those who are last and reconcile those that are present.

Floral Ministry

The Floral Ministry through faith, dedication and love beautify the House of God. We enhance the House by placing flowers and executing other beautifying efforts with the Sanctuary and its surrounding areas.

Men's Ministry

The Men's Ministry of Canaan Institutional Baptist Church exists to provide an environment in which men can grow spiritually to be Christ-like leaders at church…and in the community:

Ministry of Love

The Ministry of Love at Canaan exists to reach out in love and give support to our sisters and brothers who still struggle to stay liberated from drug and alcohol addiction.

Missionary Ministry

The Missionary Ministry's sole purpose is to promote Christian missions through a program of mission study, prayer, community missions and stewardship. 

Girl Praying

Music Ministry

The mission of the Music Ministry is to provide and promote the highest quality of Christian music that will strengthen and minister to the hearts of the saved, and penetrate the hearts of the unsaved. We are to sing uplifted songs of praises, so that our Savior, Jesus Christ will be glorified.

Nursery Ministry

Our Nursery Ministry is a ministry for babies, small children and their parents to demonstrate the heart of God toward our “little ones”. We endeavor to always be in prayer for our young families, greet them warmly, ask pertinent questions about each child and maintain a clean and orderly nursery. 

Pastoral Care Ministry

The Pastoral Care Ministry assists the Pastor through miscellaneous duties.  The mission is to give support and assistance to Pastor and his family with a spirit of excellence and love.

Prayer Ministry

The Prayer Ministry exists to save, equip and send Prayer Warriors to present the praises and petitions of our church, community and the people of God before the Lord.  We are praying for the releasing of God’s power, the renewal and revival of God in the body of Christ. We seek to transform lives and strengthen faith through our Prayer Ministry. 


Senior/Junior Ushers

The Senior and Junior Usher Ministries of Canaan meet, greet and welcome all members and visitors. We accommodate their needs and work hard to ensure a peaceful, comfortable and enriching worship service. We give our services at funerals, weddings, special programs and other services that take place within the church. 

Transportation Ministry

The Transportation Ministry’s purpose is to reach others with the gospel by providing transportation so they can attend Sunday School and Worship Service on a regular basis.  


Trustee Ministry

The mission of the trustee’s ministry is to provide and maintain the highest quality of care over the Master’s storehouse.  We are to be good stewards over the resources for the people of God that we may continue to provide an evangelistic ministry.

Women's Ministry

The mission of the Women's Ministry is to strive to create a close bond of sisterhood for one another with love, trust and through prayer.

Youth Ministry

The mission of the Youth Ministry is to build a powerful faith-based ministry that will religiously educate, motivate and empower our youth with the Word of God. To nurture and equip them to develop a more positive and constructed relationship with Christ; to instill in them to stand boldly, not fearful and share the good news of Jesus Christ in their homes and community.

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